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As all of us are aware, websites play a crucial role in businesses today. Hence many of us who have time and passion will consider to learn web designing. Here we listed some crucial technical components that need to be learned:

To master these knowledge may take many months to years. However, through my personal  experience and research,  I am offering a specially designed course which is project based and applies hand on approach, where my trainee is able to grasp the concept and technical of web design within few weeks. Of course the trainee need to be dedicated as well.


There are many web design training institutes and computer institutes offering all kinds of web design courses. But our differentiating points are:

1. Practical/Project oriented approach focusing on hands on training and best practices that fits the fast evolving commercial environment.

2. The web design courses is taught by successful industry developer with multi skills approach. All methods are     taught by single person possessing end to end technology ability for coherent understanding.

3. We focus on quality of knowledge to be imparted to students rather than quantity of students.

In addition here are listed challenges in web designing that most computer institutes don’t teach but we do:

1. Behavioral Analysis

This is about how a visitor will react when he visit your site. The visitor may react positively or negatively. Our training approach will teach methods to conduct comprehensive behavioral analysis  so that website developed by you  will have positive impression on the visitors.

2. Information management

A professional business site are built based on  complex but coherent information input e.g. Preferred Color scheme, well edited content write up, graphics, animation, content flow from one page to another, hyperlinking, wordings selections for navigation menus and business branding. Here we will teach systematic but easy to learn information management techniques to manage these complexities.

3. Cross platform compatibility

Website are built to be accessed by any one from any any where. Hence your website have to take into consideration the following:

• Low bandwidth user and high bandwidth user

• Variety of monitor CRT, LCD , TFT and their respective sizes and resolution

• Diffent browsers I.e. Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

• Different access devices e.g. PC, hand held PDA, mobile phones etc.

Our web designing process takes into consideration all these obstacles professionally.

My training course details...