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Advancement of online security has resulted in safe internet banking, online credit card /debit card payment processing.  With this, E-shopping is the next level option for business website I.e. not only do marketing but also sell and accept payment thru the same website.

We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions for websites online shopping. We assist businesses to 1. Design and develop shopping carts for their websites

2. Registration of the business with authorised online payment system.

3. Setting up linkages from website payment gateway to our business client bank account

Product suitable for online shopping usually have following characteristics:

1. Well known items such famous authored books

2. Items with limited variation e.g. standard size, material and color

3. Items that are not too expensive. People will not buy a car totally online, they may just view it, or make a booking.

4. Item that can be demonstrated and convince a client only thru the PC screen

5. Items with clear specifications

We will discuss and advise clients on best approach for their e-commerce strategy,taking into consideration the nature of their product.


•All international major credit cards accepted

•Recognized internationally

•USD processing for international markets or Indian Rupees for Indian market

•Unrivalled fraud detection system to protect your business as well as your clients

•User friendly shopping cart system

•Quick and convenient payout system

•Pricing package to serve businesses with small or new start up as well as large firms with entrenched online presence.